Two more corrupt cops nabbed

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
The reputation of the St. James Traffic Department received yet another body blow within the past four days after another two police officers were taken into custody by members of the Anti-Corruption Branch on reasonable suspicion.

   The latest incident occurred on Thursday about 12 noon in the vicinity of the Police and Transport Authority Pound which is located along River Bay Road in the second city
    The two latest policemen to be taken into custody on corruption charges by their colleagues are said to be a sergeant and a corporal who are both veterans in the St. James Traffic Department.
    Curious onlookers gathered outside the pound when this reporter got to the scene, in time to see both policemen being taken away in a patrol unit. It is understood that both policemen, during a traffic incident, issued a motorist several traffic tickets for breaches of the Road Traffic Act and also seized the vehicle.
The car was then taken to the pound where it is further alleged that the motorist, on contacting the policemen for the return of his car, was instructed to present a certain sum of cash and, in turn, the vehicle would be released.
The motorist is said to have agreed but reported the matter to their superior officers who in turn turned over the incident to sleuths attached to the Anti-Corruption Branch.
A sting operation was set up and both officers were cornered and held while accepting a make-shift monetary bribe from the motorist at the pound yesterday.
    The corporal and the sergeant were both taken into custody after the members of the Anti-Corruption Branch identified themselves as policemen and informed them of their rights. Dozens of angry taxi operators who were among the crowd outside the pound said they too have had their vehicles seized by both officers.
    They are wondering what fate will befall the men as this could prevent them from getting back their vehicles if the cops are kept behind bars.
    It was only on Monday of this week that the Anti-Corruption Branch swooped down on another member of the Traffic Department who was caught accepting a make-shift bribe on the compound of the Freeport Station. - S. H.

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