Robbers on the run....Man shot after $100,000 heist

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
The police in Sandy Bay, Hanover and Montego Bay, St. James have since embarked on a massive manhunt to apprehend the two armed robbers who are said to be behind a $100,000 heist which occurred in Hanover on Wednesday morning.

   As the saga unfolds, the police in Hanover reported that about 9a.m. on Wednesday, a 67 year- old housewife of Woodland District and her 22 year- old grandson travelled to Montego Bay and withdrew a total of $101,000 in cash from their account at the Jamaica National Building Society on Market Street.
    They left Montego Bay about half an hour later and headed home towards Woodland which is located in the Upper Great River region of the parish. Little did the two know that they were singled out in the bank and were being trailed by two armed men who travelled closely behind in a Toyota Corolla motor car.
    About 11 a.m., the two victims had reached in close proximity of their home when they were broad-sided by the two robbers who brandished firearms and held the two at gunpoint. The robbers then proceeded to demand the money which the elderly woman had just withdrawn from the bank and when their demands were not met the miscreants commenced a search of the two.
    Minutes later, they pulled a bag containing the cash from the 22 year-old man and immediately drove away, but not before robbing them of their cell phones and other valuables. Shortly after, the two victims managed to raise an alarm and several residents in the neighbouring community of Great River mounted a minor roadblock along the main entrance of the roadway where the robbers were using as their getaway to travel back to Montego Bay.
    The fleeing thieves soon came upon debris along the roadway as well as an angry mob. They fired wildly on the residents and managed to drive freely through and made their escape in the direction of Montego Bay. After the robbers were long gone, another alarm was raised after it was discovered that a 60 year-old resident of Great River who had helped staged the roadblock, had been shot and was seriously wounded.
    The wounded man was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was admitted in serious but stable condition. The investigating officers are urging persons going to various banks to withdraw money to be very careful and travel with as much security as possible.
    The police also state that individuals when in the bank should take keen note of suspicious persons who lurk there in a bid to select their prey who are usually females and elderly citizens.

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  1. I am wodering if this is an inside Job?