No. 13 Friday, August 27, 2010
By Western Mirror
The arrests of three policemen in Montego Bay for allegedly taking bribes in the execution of their duties are further evidence that a remolding of the Jamaica Constabulary Force is needed.

   The cops were held in two separate incidents in just under two weeks, leaving members of the public utterly disgusted. Their ill-advised greed speaks volumes of the level of corruption permeating the Force and the society in general.
    We are cognizant of the fact that the police are highly trained; therefore, it has to be a matter of their rubbing shoulders with those already made corruptible. Some people argue the point that the police are underpaid and that is why they are taking bribes. In recent years, the police like other public sector workers have been at odds over salaries.
    The police, like other public sector workers, have the right to receive their outstanding sums. However, not all members of the police force are involved in taking bribes and they also would like to see their long-awaited monies paid to them. So then, this becomes an issue of morality or the lack thereof.
    Not all members of the force are corrupt and they ought to be lauded for keeping their integrity intact. Their decision to uphold the law is a display of honour on their part and gives us hope that despite the many negatives, there is still good in the nation.
    On the other hand, we strongly recommend that stiffer penalties be put in place for offending cops as the cases have become far too rampant. The rule of law is essential to the maintenance of law and order in the society. Let us work together as a people to uphold our laws and we also encourage the good men and women of the force to continue their fight against lawlessness and corruption.

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