[OPINIONS]:::Remedy Bogue Road Dualisation now

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
By Martin Watson
I am a frequent reader of your newspaper, and I must say thanks for highlighting some of the ills that beset us as a people. However, I want to use this space Sir, to ask those with the obvious power to quickly do something to remedy the situation with the dualisation of the Bogue Road.

   That project has, I have learnt, gone way past the original date for completion and we the people of this country, particularly in my mind us from the West, will fit this ballooning bill.
    That aside, however, I want to ask those engineers why this project is taking so long to be completed, and as I write, the traffic is diverted through the awful, smelly septic ponds that run adjacent the road now under construction.
    The obnoxious odour that emanates from these ponds are something else. How can a civilized nation treat its people so shoddy?
    Every morning on my way from Westmoreland to work in Montego Bay, I have to perform mental gymnastics, simply in order to take my mind off the stench that even at time seems to permeate ones clothing.

   This is unacceptable. The Bogue road should have been completed a long time ago, something has to give. It cannot be business as usual.
    As a member of the public, I demand that something be done urgently to get us out of this filth (pun intended). Fix the Bogue road now, our nostrils are clogged with the scent of, you know what.
I am,
Martin Watson,
Big Bridge, Westmoreland

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