Trelawny Custos gets temporary office

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
By Shamir Brown
Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschett, will soon be engaging persons from the comfort of his new office space, albeit temporarily, after he was allowed the use of the Falmouth Information Centre at 1 Trelawny Street.

   He was welcomed to the office on Tuesday by Carl Hendricks, Director of the Falmouth Jamaica Land Company, even though the Custos will not be able to utilize the space for some time until everything needed is done to make the space accommodating.
    He was, however, very pleased that he was able to get the space and thanked the persons at Royal Caribbean for the kind gesture. “I am humbled to know what is being done to benefit the position of Custos,” Muschett remarked.
    Mr. Hendricks explained that after hearing the plight of the Custos not having an office of his own, they took it upon themselves to give the Custos the office space until one may be permanently assigned to him by the Ministry of Justice.
    “Royal Caribbean is very happy to be able to provide the Custos with the facility to enable him to carry on his work in the community,” he pointed out.
    At the present time, however, the Custos will continue to engage persons and asked that persons do this through written form, so to allow him the best opportunity to answer all queries. He also pointed out that when fully settled, he will have to set up a time frame so that persons will be able to access him at those times which might be about three times per week.
    Custos Paul Muschett took the oath of office on March 18, in a ceremony in Water Square following the death of former Custos Royland Barrett a few weeks earlier.
    Both men had been advocates of the custodes getting an office to carry out their work and this goes a far way in doing their duties as Keepers of the Rolls.

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