Chased, robbed, killed - Pitfour man falls prey

No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
Twenty-three year-old Christopher Hamilton was brutally murdered by unknown assailants in his home community of Pitfour, St. James, on Tuesday, March 16.

    The reports from the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN), are that about 5:45 p.m., residents saw Hamilton being chased by a group of men armed with guns.
    Shortly after, explosions were heard and the police were summoned. On the arrival of the peace officers, Hamilton was found with multiple gunshot wounds all 'over his body. He was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
    The Montego Bay CIB is investigating.
    Patrick Hamilton, Christopher's father, told the Western Mirror that an eyewitness told him that Christopher was chased, robbed and shot by three masked gunmen that evening.
    "At 8 p.m. when we arrived home, Christopher's mother Sharon looked at her phone that she had left at the house and realized that there was over 20 missed calls on it. She returned a call after identifying the number as her neighbour's."
    The mother was told that, earlier in the evening, her son was seen running with the masked men in pursuit.
    "While he was being chased, Christopher asked a neighbour if she could open the gate, shouting, 'open the gate quick three man a run mi down!'
    The neighbour told him to "jump over
because it cannot be opened." On realizing that the men were drawing nearer, he rushed off in another direction where he came upon a dead end," the father
reported. '
    "This is where they stole his laptop, money and other personal items and then blasted him dead."
    According to Hamilton, it's not the first time that this has happened in Pitfour.
    "These men rob people in the area.
Even I was a victim in a previous robbery that took place a few minutes from where my house is located a few weeks ago," Hamilton stated sadly.
    The father said, "My son, Chris was not a trouble maker. Everyone who knows him can say Chris was as quiet as a lamb, not even a lamb was so quiet. He was young but very hardworking."
    Christopher, he said, ran a cook shop on Barnett Lane in Montego Bay and also did Duco work with his father at times.

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