Dean Moriah nominated for T.S.E.P. Award

No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
Living by the motto "hard work is the key to success", Dean Moriah has earned the distinction of being a nominee for the Ministry of Tourism's 2009 Tourism Service Excellence, TSEP, Award. The awards ceremony takes place on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay.

    A native of Chi Chester in the parish of Hanover, Dean who is affectionately called "Dead The Dream" attended Mt. Peto Primary school before moving on to Herbert Morrison Technical High School in St. James and then Kenilworth HEART Academy where he studied data processing. From Kenilworth, Moriah successfully pursued a course in Business Administration at the Montego Bay Community College.
    Entering the hospitality industry 16 years ago, Moriah has taken the sector by storm and has been steadily climbing the ladder of success in a number of areas.
    He worked in as a Front Office Clerk, as an Entertainment Coordinator, Public Relations & Entertainment Manager and is now the Director of the newly formed SuperClubs Foundation.
    An epitome of eloquence and professionalism, Moriah joined the SuperClubs family in 2002 at Grand Lido Negril and was later transferred to Breezes Montego Bay in 2003 and then on to Breezes Grand Resort and Spa in
Negril Since his employment he continues to exceed guests' expectations and provide customer service with a difference. He welcomes each and every opportunity to cater to the customers need as he strongly believes that there are no "problems", just hiccups that one can overcome. He is the motivational factor to the staff compliment and brings a happy disposition to the workforce and is regarded as "the best thing to happen to Breezes Grand".
    Because of his passion for "giving back" and "helping others" Dean has sought and initiated many projects to enhance not only the growth of his hotel environs, his community, but to a larger extent, the hospitality industry.      He has been instrumental in projects such as" Get Up Stand Up promotion which brought Comedy Central TV out of the USA to broadcast live a Stand up comedy show to over 70 million viewers from our shores. The show enabled persons of all cultures to see and learn more about Jamaica and subsequently boost our market.
He has also encouraged SuperClubs to invest in early childhood education through programmes and projects at the Little London Primary in Westmoreland, Mt. Peto and Mt. Ward Primary Schools in Hanover, Somerton All Age and Herbert Morrison High Schools in St. James. Through collaborations with various entities these feat were realized.
    This very focused gentleman initiated the "Read to Achieve and Motivate to Elevate" programme which is a joint effort with stars of the NBA who descend on Jamaica's shores to encourage reading in schools and each year they return to do follow up with the students and to make donations to each school that they visit.
    Because of his compassion for service to the poor, Moriah implemented the "Crusade of Hope" programme through which various overseas organizations have made available houses for less fortunate employees and specific community needs. This transcends all boundaries as health as also been added with forces joined with entities such as the Jamaica Awareness Association of California in providing benefits to the needy and to equip hospitals with much needed equipment.
    Another organization as teamed up with the Crusade of Hope and plans are on to bring much needed medical supplies to many hospitals in Jamaica.
    Dean's passion has made him a priceless asset. He is a unique individual who provides a feeling of warmth, security and euphoria to all he comes in contact with. It is these qualities that made him Manager of the year in 2008 and consideration for this prestigious award.

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