No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
While the Montego Bay RM Court awaits a DNA report, 35 year-old Kevon Black of Peckham, England who is facing drug­related charges was given the green light to travel overseas.

    He pleaded guilty to possession, dealing and attempting to export cocaine to Britain.
    When the matter was called up for mention on Tuesday, March 16, Black's attorney Kenneth McLeod made an application for the return of his travel documents to enable him to travel to England.
    Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris granted the order and varied his bail on a cash bond of $250,000.
    His reporting condition was suspended and will again become effective on July 26. His travel documents are to be surrendered on that day.
    Black is booked to reappear before the court on July 29.
    On February 20, 2010, Black was reportedly on his way to board a Virgin Atlantic flight to Gatwick, London from the Sangster International Airport when he was stopped at the security checkpoint.
    A subsequent test revealed traces of cocaine in his system and as a result, he was escorted to the narcotics office and left there.
    Upon the return of the officer, Black was reportedly seen with his pants down and certain bodily waste matter and body fluid was observed on his underwear.
    The room was searched and 22 packages With 6 ounces of the contraband were found.
    He was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital were further tests were done but no illegal substance was detected.
    He was arrested and charged.

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