No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
By Shamir Brown Trelawny Correspondent
The plan is for the new courthouses that are being built to have an office specially designed for the different Custodes in the various parishes across the island.

    This was the news that was brought by Justice Minister, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne at the installation of the Honourable Harold Paul Muschett, the new Custos Rotolorum of Trelawny. She pointed out that Government has seen it fit that the Custodes should not have to do their work from their homes or personal space but in an environment that is suitable to them.
    She mentioned that basic office equipment and furniture will also be provided for them so they can carry out their functions effectively, which include working with the Justices of the Peace among other tasks. This move, she mentioned would give the position the respect and stature that it deserved.
    Legislative framework is being put in place to aid them in their different day to day activities, she announced. "At present, Cabinet has given approval for the legal framework to be established with a bill soon to be prepared," she pointed out. She further noted that those who serve as Custos will be consulted with so they can have major input in the preparation of the bill.
    This, most persons attributed to the work of past Custos Royland Barrett who during his time as Custos, lobbied long and hard for the establishment of an office for Custos up to the time of his death. However, this cannot be ascertained if it as no bearing in the current course of action.
    The new 'Keeper of the Rolls of the Parish' has now become the third person to fill the post
in Trelawny since Jamaica gained independence in 1962. He follows in the footsteps of Winston Parnell and the most recent Royland Barrett, who both exemplified what it meant to fill the role of Custodes, with Parnell serving from 1959 to 1991 and Barrett serving from 1991 until his untimely passing in January of this year.
    Muschett mentioned that in his role as Custos he plans to carryon the work of his predecessor Barrett in working to maintain the rich cultural heritage of Trelawny, especially in the historical buildings. He also vowed to work with the Justices of the Peace to effect proper
conflict resolution practices in the community that will serve to have an impact on how Jamaicans deal with disagreements.
    He further mentioned that he is committed to the growth of the parish and wish to see Falmouth return to the days when it was a prosperous town. He also committed himself to the helping Trelawny move forward in his time as Custos working with both the northern and southern sections of the parish to spur development.
    He said that he would like to thank the people of Trelawny for their confidence and hope to work on building a better society.

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