[COURTHOUSE]:::Woman had ganja in underwear

No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
A woman's plan to smuggle ganja to Curacao took a nosedive after narcotic agents found the drug inside her underwear.

    Patsy McKenzie, 39, of Harbour View, Kingston pleaded guilty to possession, dealing and attempting to export ganja when she appeared before the Montego Bay RM Court on Wednesday, March 17.
    She was offered bail in the sum of $80,000 following an application by her attorney Morrel Beckford.
    As a condition of her bail, she was instructed to report to the Harbour View Police Station on Tuesdays and Fridays as well as to surrender her travel documents.
    A stop order will also be placed at all ports of exit. The judge also ordered a Social Enquiry Report, which is expected to be available to the court on the next,
mention date.
    McKenzie is scheduled to return to court on April 30.
    Reports are that on March 13, 2010, McKenzie was a passenger on an Air Jamaica flight destined to Curacao which had stopped in Montego Bay.
    During a routine check on passengers she was searched ad a package with 2 3/4 pounds of the weed was found inside her underwear.
    She was removed from the aircraft and subsequently arrested and charged.

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