Residents cry for peace ...War erupts in Crawford Street

No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
For some time now Craw­ford Street in Mt. Salem, Montego Bay has been somewhat of a peaceful area until only just last week when criminals have has caused fear in residents, putting their lives in danger, one such person is popular Montego Bay promoter Georgia 'Bubbler' Gray who was featured in Monday's paper.

    These acts, committed on Wednesday and Saturday of last week, saw the upper and lower parts of Craw­ford Street blaming each other for various houses and cars being shot up and fire bombed.
    In an effort curb the situation, several persons commenced a walkout through­out the area on Wednesday March 17 to see the extent of the violence and what can be done to stem the problem before it gets worse. These bodies include Mount Salem Councilor Avrie RoseGreen, along with, JLP Caretaker Errol Lamey of the Mount Salem Division, Pastor Frank Rosewelt of the International Centre and PMI agents Mrs. Maxine Mathews and Kamala McWhinney.
    Questions were raised as to the motives behind this upsurge of violence, but though residents express uncertainness as to the
reason, they au agreed that it was persons from outside along with youths from the area that is creating the disruption.
    "We can't tek it nuh more, we want peace, them a carry man innah di area, di up-road Crawford Street boy's dem," stated resident Gassett 'Tata' Shaw;
    The councilor stated that, the police have carried out raids in the area, but have so far failed to find any weapons. This she said could be an indicator that it is indeed outside people that are creating havoc throughout Crawford Street.
    "This is of great concern, so it is important for me to just maintain and keep the peace, with the help of the church and especially with the police. We aren't here to play any blaming game."
    In a bid to further restore normality, JLP Caretaker Errol Lamey, also sought for the intervention of some social programs such as football, netball and various other activities to keep youths active and bring back the peace.
    "If we don't come together as a community to let people understand that united we stand, divided we fall, then we'll always come up with these types of issues. We need some social intervention, so youths can
have some fun and mental ways in which they can come together, utilize the community centre and become friends of each other once more.
    Pastor Rosewelt ex­pressed that, there is still hope for Crawford Street and he will be doing every­"thing to catch the upcoming generation by continuously having prayer meeting in the area.
    "I believe that what the enemy intends for evil, God is going to turn it into good."

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