No. 68 Friday, March 19, 2010
One of two men charged with unlawful possession of property after they were allegedly seen removing items from a house has been released on bail.

    He is 24 year-old Jovian Carty of Norwood, St. James.
    He was offered $70,000 bail following an application by his attorney Chumu Paris in the Montego Bay RM Court on Wednesday, March 17.
    In the meantime, Mario Parkins with whom he is jointly charged was denied bail on the basis that he committed the offence whilst on bail for another charge.
    Parkins, who has a matter pending in the Western Regional Gun Court, had his bail revoked in that court as a result of this charge, prosecutors say.
    The men are scheduled to reappear before the court on April 8.
    It is alleged the on November 19, 2009 the investigating officer was on duty in the Rose Heights area when he received information of a break-in at a house on Vernon's Drive.
    As a result the lawman went to Vernon's Drive where he saw a man at the gate of a house. The man ran to the rear of the building. The police went to the back of the house where he saw Carty with a bag. He also received a bag through a window from someone who was inside the house.
    The police accosted him and went to the window where he pulled the other man, who turned out to be Parkins, out of the window after he had passed another bag through the window.
    The men were taken into custody and a search of the bags revealed a television set and items of clothing. The two men however gave conflicting accounts of how they came into possession of the bags.
    Hence they were arrested and charged.

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