[COURTHOUSE]:::Multiple Murderer Accused Freed Of Charges

No. 59 Friday, February 26, 2010
Almost one year after he was accused of a quadruple murder in Hendon Norwood, 29 year-old David Thelwell of Glendevon, St. James was freed of the charges after a Resident Magistrate ruled that the prosecution has not established a prima facie case against him.

   The four were shot and killed and three others shot and injured when rampaging gunmen invaded a dance in the Hendon/Norwood area of Montego Bay, firing wildly at patrons.
   The dead men, all residents of the community, have been identified as 30 year-old sound-system operator Oniel 'Calico' Black; 34 year-old footballer Peter 'Freno' Williams; 19 year-old Adrian 'Jeffrey' Wynter, and 27 year-old Jevaughn 'Mexico' Bromley, who was said to be mentally challenged.
   At the close of the prosecution's case, Senior Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris said that based on the evidence that was submitted during the preliminary
inquiry, no prima facie case was made out. As a result, she said, she could not call on the accused man to be held responsible for the murders.
   Reports are that on March 8, 2009 about 1:25 a.m., the seven were among a group of patrons at a party in the Hendon community when two men armed with guns entered the premises.
   The men reportedly opened fire at the group before fleeing the scene.
   The seven were later found suffering from gunshot wounds.
   They were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the four were pronounced dead and the other three admitted in serious condition.
   Thelwell has also been accused of the May 5, 2006 killing of 22 year-old Cheston Chambers of Norwood.
   That matter is presently pending in the St. James Circuit Court, which is set for trial in March of this year.

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