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No. 59 Friday, February 26, 2010
Singer Kaydonica recently visited the second city and presented members of the Gully Embassador football team with balls towards their upcoming season.

   The artiste (singer/DJ) was born in Aenon Town, Clarendon and has become a highly
motivated individual. The eldest of three girls for her parents, she was the first to join the choirs at school and at Church.
   By age 10, Kaydonica started to write poems and songs. Life's road took her to Manchester where she at­tended Holmwood Technical High School. While there, she became a member of the choir and in her final year entered the school's annual pageant, where she received an award for best talent in playing the keyboard and singing an original song titled 'In This World Today'.
   During her years at college she became even more focused and mature. Her passion to live her dream grew stronger and she was encouraged by family and friends to continue.
   In 2008, an opportunity to work on an al­bum finally presented itself. This opportunity brought her into Kingston to live, work and interact with persons who would contribute significantly to her music career. She began work on an album called 'Picking up the Pieces'.
   'Instruments of Love', "Locked up in a Cell" and 'On U around U' are some of her singles, she hope will catapult her towards achieving her dream.
   In 2009, she performed at Manchester Fiesta. In the pipeline are plans to have her own works produced to expose the song writ­ing aspect of her abilities.
   As a remarkable songwriter, singer and DJ, Kaydonica has begun to tread a conscious path that will launch her as a monumental force both locally and internationally.

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  1. go girl...peeps u should hear she sings...omg just thinking about her performance at the christopher's @ the quad give me goose pimples...color of my skin maddddddddddd!