Rapist Fingered In Over 10 Cases

No. 59 Friday, February 26, 2010
A serial rapist, who has caused quite a lot of trouble for females in St. James, Trelawny and St. Ann, has been captured and slapped with 10 counts of rape.

   He has been identified as Vivian Brady a 23 year-old, painter of Mt. Olivert in St. Ann. Brady was brought to justice after being nabbed in a well orchestrated dragnet set by the St. James police recently.
   Reports reaching the Western Mirror are that about 6 p.m., last Wednesday, a team of officers as­signed to the Montego Bay Freeport station acted on information and carried out an operation at an apartment along Queens Drive in Montego Bay. Brady, who fits the description of the culprit, was picked up.
   Brady, who is believed to be in his early 20s, was cornered in a room at the premises. The police searched the premises and a white Toyota Corolla mo­tor car fitting the one which
he uses to kidnap all his victims, was found in the yard.
   During the search a large number of assorted female handbags, curling irons, cosmetics and other female belongings were recovered. He also had several cell phones and list of names of overseas residents which pointed out that he could also be a major player in the infamous lottery scam.
   He is booked to face a number of identification parades as he was fingered in over 20 cases. The Western Mirror understands that Brady traveled around Montego Bay, Trelawny and St. Ann pretending to be a robot taxi operator while kidnapping and seducing female passengers, forcing them into various sexual acts.
   For over a year, the rapist wreaked havoc along several routes such as Barrett Town, Lilliput, Falmouth, Salt Marsh, Green Wood and areas in St. Ann.
   The hoodlum, the police state, would pick up female passengers drive them to isolated locations and then force them to have sex with him.
   The police are still making a plea that female who fell victim to this vicious young man are not to be afraid to contact the near­est police station, call 119, Operation King Fish of the Freeport Police Station.


  1. oh well, let us hope he spends a looong time in prison.

  2. he should be electricuted or they should cut off his private area.