Young Professionals Reach Out

No. 59 Friday, February 26, 2010
Recently, a group of young professionals in Hanover handed a basket of food and toiletries to a needy family in the Parish.

   These young adults are working hard to be a part of Rotary International's professional youth arm, the Rotaract Club although the chartering of the club has not taken place as yet.
   These young men and women are fully aware of the importance of giving back to their communities even in these challenging economic times.
   The Rotary Club of Lucea is in the process of sponsoring a Community Based Rotaract Club in the Parish. Young professional are being encouraged to become a part of this very exciting service organization.
   Hanover is growing and the Rotary Club of Lucea recognizes that fact and is forging ahead. "Individuals must be willing to give service above self; they must be committed and disciplined," said Angela Haye, President of the Rotary Club of Lucea. "There is the opportunity to develop professionally and personally through public speaking, leadership skills, networking, etc.," she concluded.
   This group of young professionals meets at the Hanover Parish Library every other Tuesday at 6p.m.

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