CTEP-8th Graduation Ceremony

No. 67 Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Addressing graduates of the 8th Graduation Ceremony of the Community Training for Empowerment Programme (CTEP), on Thursday, March 11,2010 at the Mt. Carey Baptist Church, guest speaker Lloyd B. Smith, President of the Montego Bay Chamber of commerce & Industry and CEO the Western Mirror commended the 28 graduates (24 females and four males) on their achievements and urged them not to be become complacent, thinking that it is the end of their journey, rather, "It is the beginning of a greater agenda in their lives," Mr. Smith said.

    Singling out and commending the four male graduates for the important and bold step taken, Smith said, "It speaks to the fact that, in Jamaica today too many of our males have become endangered species. Today you are not among the endangered species you are among the species that will make yourself and community proud."
    Additionally, Mr. Smith urged the graduates not to pass-up on the opportunity of life-long learning, urging them not to be part of the 'let-off something mentality' now plaguing Jamaica.
    "And so today you are an example that, ensure that not only must the let-off something syndrome be not the order of the day, but training and empowerment is the way to go, because in that direction you become useful and happy individuals and become a part of the solution to Jamaica's social and economic problems, not a part of the problem," Smith charged.
    He went on to mention the importance of commitments and implored them to be loyal to whomever or whatever they are committed to.
    CTEP, the brainchild of MP -South St. James, Derrick Kellier conceptualized and initiated in 2004 in partnership with HEART Trust/NTA at Kenilworth offering training in housekeeping, waitering, bartending, general construction, Team Jamaica, conversational Spanish, sign language and values and attitudes.

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