[OPINIONS]:::What about the children?

No. 67 Wednesday, March 17, 2010
[Posted By::: anonymous] 
No matter how young they may be, the rise of crime and violence in and around Jamaica are having a jarring effect on the children of this country.
    The west in recent times has been ripping at the seams with violence, and not only is it affecting children who have lost loved ones, some how the actions of many hardened criminals in the community have brainwashed many children into thinking that dabbling in illegal activities, including taking the life of another person is acceptable behaviour. Many children grow up in their communities seeing older youths dropping out of school or getting pregnant in their teenage years, and think that this is it for them, that they must end up the same way because that is how everyone. they know.have ended up.
    Many children who try to rise above the fray, are still affected by the ill actions of their counterparts, as when there is a flare up in their community , in many cases, the police have give a curfew to that community, or bar persons from going in or coming out, these children are unable to go to school, and so miss out on a lot of things in their school work.
    Young children are most fragile, as they tend to emulate what happens around them. Two year olds and other toddlers can be seen simulating the 'rolling of the weed' exercise, or making 'gun fingers' and making their interpretation of how a gun sounds. This does not mean well for the country, as these same children could become a new crop of criminals, the last thing Jamaica needs right now.
    Parents, it is upon us to make sure our children are not fooled into thinking these things are the norm, and instill discipline in them from as early as possible. And not only should we preach to them about what is right, but let them see you live an exemplary life in which they can emulate, it might sound simple, but if many parents did this, people would be surprised to see the difference this makes.

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