[SPORTS]:::'We have our computer' - Westmoreland FA responds

No. 67 Wednesday, March 17, 2010
By Craig Oates
The Westmoreland Football Association has responded to questions asked recently in the media about the whereabouts of computers that was given to the Association in 2006 by Captain Horace Burrell who at the time was seeking to regain the presidency of the Jamaica Football Federation.

    In an article carried in the Western Mirror captioned "Where Is the Computer?" Assistant General Secretary and League Director for the Westmoreland Football Association Devon Maxwell, responded swiftly on the issue.
    "The computer in question is still very much at our offices at the WF A. Anyone can visit the office at any time and you will be able to see it. Our operations are transparent so we have nothing to hide," he said.
    He further added that the computer has come in very handy. "It has been very helpful in assisting us in all administrative matters, which includes printing of fixtures etc. the only problem we have now is that of a printer, but we are looking to source this in the near future. Once again we would like to thank Captain Burrell for the computer that has made life easier for us," He added.
    Maxwell also spoke about other aspects of the group's programmes. "We currently have a vibrant youth programme and just recently we started our Under-I? football competition, which comprises 18 teams. "It is mandatory for all senior league and super league teams to have a youth squad participating in the youth com­petitions, because we believe that youth development is the way to go. Our Major League is approaching the second round finals and is very competitive with only a few points separating the top teams. This speaks to the strength of the football product that the WFA is seeking to build," Maxwell said.
                    Hanover FA Yet To Respond
    In the meantime, the Hanover Football Association who was also mentioned in the same article is yet to respond to the questions as to the whereabouts of the computers that they received at the same time as the Westmoreland FA.
    Attempts to get comments from the top tier leadership proved futile. Only one person on the FA spoke to the Western Mirror and did so on condition of anonymity. The source told the Western Mirror that the computer is at the Watson Taylor Park but was unable to say if it was in good functioning order or if it was being used for the intended purpose.

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