JCI rebranded - Hosts Seminar to sensitize public

No. 67 Wednesday, March 17, 2010
The Junior Chamber International (JCI) conducted a workshop last Friday, March 12, at the Baywest Shop­ping Centre in Montego Bay, where members sought to educate persons about the organization, the benefits of becoming a member and being an active young leader within the community and organization.

    "JCI Montego Bay is rebranded, on the move, were about getting young people to become active citizens within their community. We want to see change we have to start making the change," stated president, Tashana Williams.
    Members presented at the workshop was JCI West Indies President, David Knight; Montego Bay President, Tashana Williams; Secretary, Glenroy Nicholson; P.R.O. Nevin Nish; Treasurer, Tanza Allen; Treasurer, Sari Crooks; Post President, Lenworth McKellop and Post Secretary, Shellian Robinson.
    For this year, JCI will be imparting a number of plan projects for the country as well as the Caribbean which all focus on society's growth. These include the building of active citizenship by informing members to invest in themselves, community and the future; partnering with UNESCO to make DVD's about an educational program they did to help GSAT students prepare for the exam; another focus is the awareness of climate change and the impact it can have on our climate.
    Other projects being taken on by JCI is the "Nothing but Nets" program, which is an international program being pushed at the national level. Its aim is to help in the fight against malaria, which is a disease causing hundreds of deaths world wide. Also to be established is a project called "Operation Hope" where JCI will support Haiti's citizens' development through donations. To undergo these projects, JCI will be partnering with the United Nation (UN).
    "On April 1-3, we will be having our mid year meeting in Jamaica, where executive directors will be coming to the island to train members in two international certified courses, said David Knight," 2010 President for JCI West Indies.
    "The first will be the JCI administration; this is where young board members will acquire skills and techniques to assist in the operating of NGO's. These skills are transferable and can be executed throughout their life. The other one is the JCI Presenter, where members will learn to be effective speakers in presentations or functions."
    Being all about the young people of the West Indies, JCI will be having a project which seeks to award the most outstanding young person of the world and also the most creative young entrepreneur.
    The Jaycees Organization, as its known internationally, was formed in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1915 by Henry Geissenbier. Edwin Duval of Trinidad established the West Indies arm in 1949 and the Jamaica Junior Chamber was founded by George Attalla in 1959, where today the State of Jamaica boasts a total of eight chapters and one standing committee islandwide.
    The Montego Bay Junior Chamber was born on May 5, 1962 at the 'Sampras Room' in Coral Gardens and had its inaugural dinner on May 25 of the same year, under the presidency of Delroy Zaidie, and declared a membership of 68.
    From this early stage Montego Bay was involved in Community projects and successfully implemented many, such as, a float to celebrate Jamaica's independence in 1962, the introduction of amateur boxing in1964, the introduction of an agricultural show, blood drive and international water sports exhibitions, hosted the first Miss City of Montego Bay in 1981 and Tower Hill Basic School just to name a few.

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