[Entertainment]:::Who has the best tattoo?

No. 67 Wednesday, March 17, 2010
By Alan Lewin
Over the past decade, people have been wearing skin art to make a statement.
Well there can be no better way than to show off their best tattoos at the Calimento Lawn, Johns Hall in St. James. The date is Saturday April 17.

    The event is courtesy of Maya and Scrappy, of dancehallreggae.com, and is called Model Yu Tattoo. The winning design will collect $15,000. Tattoos will be judged at the event at Calimento Lawn. Music for the occasion will be provided by Black President, Slim J, Fire 20, Gary Chucks, Shampoo and Money Machine.
    The dancers from the Dutty Fridaze series are also expected. Ladies in summer wear will get a discount entry for the event.

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