Axe and Adze Youth Club Treats Hanover Infirmary Residents

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
By Chris Bodden
The Axe and Adze Youth Club treated the residents of the Hanover Infirmary to dinner on Sunday, August 22, 2010.

   It was good to see that the community spirit is still alive and well. The Youth Club with its 45 members made the kind gesture in keeping with Christian principles reaching out to the less fortunate and letting them know that there are people that still care about their welfare and existence.
    Kethorne Clayton, Vice president of the Club said that they had visited the infirmary last year and they were all moved. So it is against that backdrop that the Axe and Adze Youth Club took the decision to make an annual event of feting the residents of the Infirmary. Miss Clayton went on to say that the dinner for the residents was made possible from club funds raised from a “uniform party” and the kind assistance of PNP Cllr. Wynter McIntosh of the Chester Castle Division who is also Chairman of the Poor Relief Committee.
    The residents also got a chance to worship with the young people too as the youth club administered to their spiritual needs as well.
    Cllr. McIntosh commended the young people for their passion and sincerity in this “wonderful gesture,” he said. “I trust that other communities will adopt what the Axe n Adze team has been doing.”
    Matron Hylton thanked the Axe and Adze Youth Club on behalf of the staff and 54 residents for providing dinner for the Infirmary’s residents. “We do appreciate this kind gesture and we hope that other organizations will do the same.”

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