Trelawny Craft Vendors want relocation

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
By Shamir Brown
The craft vendors that had occupied a section of Coopers Penn known as Bamboo Village, are calling on the relevant authorities to help them escape their plight in a hasty fashion. This point was made at a meeting in Coopers Penn recently.

   The vendors are adamant that enough is not being done to relocate them to a suitable place. At the meeting, several alternatives were looked into but none seem workable, according one vendor. They said that they have gone to different persons and organizations with their plight but, so far, all efforts to relocate them have failed.
   Five months ago, the vendors were asked to leave the location they occupied as its owner wanted the land. The situation has become worse for the more than 80 craft vendors.
    Ideal lands closest to the former craft market are mostly in private hands. However, a keen look is being taken at the Burwood Beach area, where a temporary market could be housed.
   Kyan Meglashan, President of the Trelawny Craft Vendors Association, confirmed that they have been eyeing the Burwood area as a possible site, but will now have to review the area after news arose that the section that they wanted to use, was also privately owned. However, she believes that the site is able to accommodate the vendors until a permanent spot is found.
    Meanwhile, North Trelawny Caretaker, Senator Dennis Meadows, who was also present at the meeting, declared that not much was being done to integrate the residents into the mass development of Falmouth that is now underway.
   He pointed out that there is no provision currently that speaks to a craft village for Trelawny, which is a key aspect in getting Jamaican wares out into the world.
   He also pointed out that while persons keep on pointing out the significance of the port, they are directly ignoring the locals who should foremost benefit from the development.
    They were displaced earlier this year when the land that they had occupied for over 30 years was reclaimed by its owners. The matter was taken to Court but they were unsuccessful in trying to get the property returned to them.

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