[OPINIONS]:::Better PNP prospective candidates needed in St. James

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
By Valentine Pearson
In recent months, the North West, East Central, West Central and South St. James PNP constituency executives in Region six has been stepping up their effort in selecting prospective candidates of a higher caliber for Local Government elections whenever time it is called next year.

   Nevertheless, I am of the view that the relatively new People’s National Party Integrity Commission should also intervened in the final selection process in order to select candidates of the highest integrity so as to protect that noble organization’s reputation in future elections. No doubt, divisional caretakers who are placed in leadership position will endeavour to establish an image of higher standards of accountability and standard of integrity once they have gone through the democratic process. As a result, the PNP secretariat should start communicating more frequently with party members, group members across the country at this time. Moreover, the opposition People’s National Party by now should be having regular discussion concerning the renewal and strengthening of that party’s structure especially at the group and divisional levels. The group structure should be properly ironed out to include the increase of youngsters who have now reached voting age. As a matter of fact, the divisional caretakers must start portraying their true capabilities, displaying their innovative skills in communicating information about the party. For instance the prospective leadership should make known the party’s chief objective was to secure and extend the liberties of the people, to secure their interests and to develop the national life prosperity of all Jamaicans. Certainly, the General Secretary along with the new found leadership of the party needs to start working on the highways and byways in order to close the gap which eroded over time. Surprisingly, many times the working class and grassroot people are being starved for information when they definitely need to make informed decisions at the polls. Consequently, the PNP should be prepared at this time, to disseminate on the successes and failures, past and present of the party over the years. Meanwhile, the party secretariat has the gigantic responsibility of oiling the party’s machinery using the media in whatever form to send out the relevant information particularly now that annual conference is around the corner. At the same time, it is felt in many quarters that too often comrades and party well-wishers have to be speculating and listening o rumors about significant maters which affect that party and the country on awhole. Therefore, I think it is crucial that the PNP Secretariat start campaign to inform and educate the electorate particularly the simple committed PNP supporters and the uncommitted beforehand so that they will have reasons to be enumerated and eventually cast their votes to gain victory at the polls whenever time local government election is called next year.
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