No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
By Shamir Brown
The Falmouth police were rewarded in their crime-fighting efforts Sunday, after they were able to remove an illegal gun from off the streets of the parish.

   According to Deputy Superintendent Alanzo Medley, this was good news for the force and it shows that the men and women are working hard to ensure that the streets are safe for the citizens in Trelawny as well as Jamaica as a whole.
    The gun was seized by the cops while on patrol of Cornwall Street in an area known as ‘Compound’.
    The Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) reported that at 9:45 a.m. the police spotted a group of men acting suspiciously and accosted them. A subsequent search of one of the men revealed a chrome Raven MP25 .25 semi-automatic pistol with the serial number erased.
    The man, who is about 21 years old, is yet to be charged as the investigations are continuing.
    This brings the number of firearms seized in the parish to 18.
    The police have said that they will still be vigilant in getting the remainder of illegal guns off the streets.
    Earlier this month, a 9mm pistol was seized in Clark’s Town along with several M16 rounds. In another incident a .38 revolver was seized on Cornwall Street earlier this year. The police have also made eight arrests in connection to these finds and four fatalities.
    The police calling on residents to tell all they know of illegal activities to help them rid the parish illegal weapons.

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