Smelly Freeport!.....resident urges use of TEF to fix problem

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
By Okoye Henry
A longstanding sewerage problem at the Freeport community in St. James is as of late, becoming even worse with the relevant authorities/officials continuing to turn a blind eye to the issue.

   This problem is said to stem from a pumping station, which has been defected for the nearly two years and is causing surrounding areas to reek with the stench of sewage that builds up on the land surface, and even seeps into the lagoon there.
    What makes the matter even worse, is that the station is situated at the entrance of the cruise ship, and is the first thing they see and smell.
    According to one resident who wishes to remain anonymous, he believed the real problem is the sudden development in the area. He expressed that despite the building of new structures, they aren’t any pumping station being built to support them.
    As a result of the development, a strain is being placed on the old pump stations, which can’t stand up to the pressure.
    The situation becomes even worse whenever cruise ships dock, the resident told the Western Mirror. He noted that the situation worsens when the wind picks up, sending the stench into hotels.
    “Every tourist who comes to the island, they are required to pay US$10 to the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), so why they don’t use part of that money to help fix the station,” the resident urged.
    Efforts were made to contact the National Water Commission (NWC) Regional Division for comment on the matter but their phones ring without answer.

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