RAPE ON THE RISE.....Taximen target teens

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Since the start of the summer season, St. James has recorded an increase in sexual offenses, according to the police at Montego Freeport.

   According to the police, a vast number of these reported sexually related offenses which have been pouring in at the CISOCA - Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit - located at the barracks of the Mt. Salem Police Station in Montego Bay, have occurred because of guardian or parental carelessness.
    It was revealed that since the start of the summer holidays, the Centre has recorded dozens of sexual offences with the majority being connected to taxi operators and other male motorists. It was further pointed out that most of these incidents occur when parents leave their children unprotected at home or in the care of irresponsible individuals.
    A number of these victims, who are teenage students, are said to be deemed by their molesters as adults because of the ways in which they are allowed to dress or based on their sizes, but the police along with appropriately trained female officers at the Rape Unit are currently on a drive to rid the parish of rapists and children molesters.
    In this vein, they are urging parents and guardians of these teenagers to be very careful with whom they leave to take care of their children. Also, they must cease from boarding unidentified taxis or even known taxis that are boarded by all male passengers.
    While at work, the parents are being urged to keep in touch with their children and to know their whereabouts at all times. If any such incident should occur, the victim must not shower or use water until visiting the CISOCA Unit for fear of hard evidence being tampered with or washed away before reaching the forensic team.
    Victims are being urged to immediately call the Centre at 952-4997 or Corporal Ulette Green at 953-6191 where officers on duty will respond swiftly to all calls related to sexual offences involving both adults and teenagers, whether they be male or female.

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