TRAFFIC COP NABBED......Caught accepting bribe

No. 132 Wednesday, August 25, 2010
A popular police officer attached to the Traffic Department at the Montego F1eeport Station has found himself in a pot of hot water after he was allegedly caught accepting a bribe from a motor vehicle owner on the station’s compound on Monday afternoon.

   So far the name of Traffic Cop is being withheld pending. further investigations. This newspaper was reliably informed that the accused is a well known constable who has been carrying out his duties in a stern manner over the recent years.
Reports are that on Monday afternoon, the officer was on a spot check at a location in the second city when he noticed a motorist breaking the law under the Road Traffic Act. He allegedly responded by approaching the motorist whom he read of his rights. Before he could issue him with a ticket he allegedly indicated to the offender that he was willing to let the incident slide if he was willing to pay a substantial sum of cash.
It is further alleged that the offender promised to pay the:
money and made arrangements to pay over the cash some time later that afternoon. As the tale blossomed, the popular traffic cop made arrangements to meet with the motorist at the Freeport Station where the cash was to be collected from him but the motorist instead reported the matter to his superior officers.
A sting operation was subsequently staged and the fingered cop was in the process of collecting the cash from the motorist
when he was nabbed by officers attached to the Anti-Corruption Unit. He was taken into custody and reportedly slapped with charges of breaches of the Corruption Act.
It is alleged that the accused cop was to have been transferred to St. Elizabeth recently but requested that he be sent back to St. James. He is at the Freeport Station lock-up and should be officially charged after the investigation is completed.
He is also expected to appear in court at a later date.

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