Big Boost for Bay Route - Community Club kicks off in Rose Heights

No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
Residents in the area of Bay Route in Rose Heights, St. James, have launched a club that aims at developing the community both socially and economically.

    The Bay Route Uplifting Community Club was started in October of last year immediately after a peace treaty by two neighbouring areas, Bay Route and Greenland. Its purpose is to transform the area of Bay Route by proactively bringing commuters together positively.
    "I had the idea of starting the club for awhile, but after the treaty was formed, I decided to go for it, stated President Pepeter Baker in an interview. "The club is small, but I believe that over time it will help the situation of raising the low morale and esteem rate of Bay Route residents by motivating, creating active social interaction and joining them together in projects that will change the face of our community."
    In December of last year the club, with the help of some persons from the Greenland area, had a fund raising event aimed at raising money to be used for club purposes, put this didn't work out as planned because of rain. However, members of the club will try this again in Easter when the proceeds will not only go to the club, but will be used for buying tools and equipment for a Labour Day project.
    Despite all the good the club members have undertaken, there isn't yet a set location where meetings are held. Generally, meetings are held at a shop which is lent to them by a fellow member on Sunday nights ..
    "I believe that every community area should have their own centre where meetings can be held and can be accessed by residents based on is­sues of development. So apart from our planned projects, we also are aiming' to set up a permanent club building in the' coming future,"
    The club's operation is controlled by its diverse executive body. Joining President Pepeter Baker is Vice President Nordia Blair, Treasurer Zenith McCreath, Secretary Trudy-Ann Campbell, Assistant Secretary Melonie Miller and a host of P.R.O.s and coordinators.
    Ms. Baker, however stressed, that operating and raising funds has been somewhat difficult, due to the fact that the club has a small count of members and support. This, she expressed, causes the problem of raising adequate funds, which creates set backs on events and projects that the club wants to establish. Getting per­sons off the street and into jobs and classes is just one of the many such project objectives.
    She encourages more commuters to join the cause and also welcomes any external bodies that wish to provide sponsor­ship to boost resources and advance operations.
    A big turnout is expected for the next general meeting scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 28. Members will be discussing the upcoming fund raising event set for the Easter holiday.

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