Nelson encourages Municipal Police to strive for excellence

No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
Minister of National Security Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson urged the latest graduates of the Municipal Police Training programme to strive for excellence in fulfilling their duties.

    The Minister was speaking recently at the Municipal Police Graduation Ceremony at the Police Training Academy, Twickenham Park, Spanish Town.
    Minister Nelson says part of fulfilling their duties must include their exercise of professional discretion and
judgment in a manner consistent with Jamaica's fundamental principles and guiding values.
    He says the Municipal Police must recognize that their ability to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval, support and willing cooperation.
    "You have a responsibility to safeguard the public trust, you will be responsible to the public and accountable publicly for what you do" he said.
    Senator Nelson said without trust between police and citizens, effective policing is impossible.
    The Minister says the focus on municipal and community policing has gained momentum in recent years as police and community leaders search for more effective ways to promote public safety while enhancing quality of life.
    In congratulating the graduates, the National Security Minister also charged them to ensure they work closely with the communities and municipalities they serve, respect victims of crime and work to understand their needs and be sensitive to the diverse socialization of the Jamaican culture.
    Twenty eight (28) participants from the parishes of St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, St. Ann, St. Mary and St. Elizabeth graduated from cohort VII of the Municipal Policing programme.
    The programme was sponsored by the Department of Local Government in the Office of the Prime Minister.

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