No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
A St. James man and woman who are alleged to have conspired to rob a prominent financial institution in Montego Bay are scheduled to stand trial in the Montego Bay RM Court on June 17.

    Ryan Gray, 21, of Cascade, Hanover and Petrona Williams, 26, of Flanker, St. James are answering to a charge of conspiracy to robbery.
    The two, who are said to be related, appeared before Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris on Thursday, March 4.
    Prior to Gray being arrested, the case against Williams was adjourned sine die in February 2009.
    While the case was still pending, the prosecution had leads on Gray who was said to be a key player.
    As a result, the court opted to adjourn the matter until he was found as they did not want to embark on two separate trials.
    Williams, who was on bail then, was summoned to court following Gray's arrest in December 2009.
    She was readmitted to bail in the sum of $150,000 on Thursday, while Gray had his bail extended.
    The incident reportedly took place on October 17, 2008 about 4:30p.m while Williams, a customer service agent, was at work.
    It is alleged that she handed a note to her co-worker which indicated a robbery in progress.
    The note indicates a demand for money and threats to harm her if the request was not granted.
    Prior to handing her co-worker the note, Williams had already handed over $191,000 to the man who has been identified as Gray and who had given her the note.
    Five days later he was seen in another bank in Kingston lodging $134,000 to Williams' account.

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