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No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
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Traditionally, it is the man who is considered to be the breadwinner, head of the family and the career individual in any household, but in many instances today, this is not the case.
     The 'fairer' sex has stepped up to the plate big time, performing those duties as well as, or in many cases, better than most men. Gone are the days when a woman was not taken seriously in the work world, as it was considered a man's domain, today, women are standing up to the challenge, in managerial positions, being put in charge of both men and women.
    Madam C.J. Walker was a pioneer in empowering women as she was a staunch and very successful
businesswoman, who inspired not only black women, but women in general to go for their goals, fight the monster of stereotype and shatter the glass ceiling of the then status quo.
    Women are not only taking over the business arenas, but they are also the front runners when it comes to seeking a higher education and graduating from tertiary institutions with top honours, as a matter of fact, between 70 - 80 percent of the graduates from our local universities are women, many men have become lackadaisical, therefore women have over taken them in many areas of life. Whether it is athletics, media, politics or any other field there is, one can always depend on the presence of strong, resilient women, who are just as vigilante in their fields as most men.
    Women have come a long way from just being considered home makers and child bearers, they have proven that with grit and guts, male or female, one can achieve anything they put their minds to.
    Today, as we celebrate those super humans called women, let us tip our hats to them, because what these super humans do on a daily basis, many men would falter during those difficult tasks. Women have taken up the slack left by many men and to that we say kudos.

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