Goldfinger............The singing JUTA driver

No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
In some circles of Montego Bay, Goldfinger is known as a professional, courteous and efficient tour operator. In other circles, he is known as a true entertainer. He has a bass voice almost as good as Barry White's or Blue Lovett's of the Manhattans. Everywhere there is microphone, he is always lingered to sing or make a toast to his friends and well-wishers.

    Goldfinger, whose real name is Cornaldi McGhie, was born in Spring Bank in Portland but was brought to St. James (Maroon Town to be exact) at the age of nine months.
    A graduate of St. Luke's in Flamstead Gardens, Goldfinger was hired by Martin's Tour in the late 70s as a tour bus driver. He has had quite a few adventures with this company. Incidentally, it was one of these adventures with celebrity Robert Vaughn that he got his moniker. Vaughn, a co-star of the 60s popular TV show, Man from Uncle, told him that he needed to get to the airport from Jamaica Playboy Club and back in little time. Despite the bad roads, Goldfinger said he accomplished Mr. Vaughn's wish in above-expected time. Mr. Vaughn was so impressed that he could only say that he reminded him of Goldfinger.
    After 12 1/2 years at Martin's, Goldfinger started to realize his entrepreneurial ambitions, bought his own vehicle and joined J.U.T.A. He is still a member of JUTA today and takes pride in the fact that he has received many letters from satisfied passengers congratulating him on his courteous and efficient service which, coincidentally, is his motto.
    His inspiration to become an entertainer started with his elder brother who was a musician. He wrote a number of songs in the hope that his brother would find the right rhythm for them. He has done a number of records, and attempted to enter the Festival Song competition on several times, but was always late with his entries because his tight work schedule never allowed him enough time to honor the deadline. He insists that he will always try to get in an entry. The songs he sings most at his gigs are 'Tour Bus Driver', 'No Sin', 'Go Tell It on the Mountain', 'What A Mighty God We Serve' and 'The More We Are Together'.
    Goldfinger, who is the son of two farmers, has two sons and four daughters. His birthday falls on October 28.

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