Treat for St. Bess residents

No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
On Saturday, February 6, 2010, the residents of five communities from Northwest St. Elizabeth gathered on the grounds of the Happy Grove All-Age School to be feted at a treat and health fair sponsored by Mr. Errol Brennan CEO / Managing Director of Sunshine Auto Parts Limited.

    The atmosphere was festive as the residents of Cheltenham. Bloomsbury, Happy Grove, Content and Springvale socialized and even caught up some old friends under the theme together we are one.
    The children played without a care in the world while the elderly waited for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol tests to be done by a nurse assistant, general checks were carried out in classrooms that served as make shift clinics by Dr. Roa of Global Health Care in Kingston. The children had there teeth cleaned by the members of the Colgate Dental Unit and were given packages to help them maintain a healthy bright smile. We could not help but celebrate the lives of two of the senior citizens from the communities, Mr. Cleveland Bartley who turned 106 years old and Wilfred Daley who turned 99 year old, at their birthday party.
    Mr. Brennan, who is a son of the soil said he has seen the need and realized that no government alone can do it, therefore there will be need for greater collaboration between the have and the have not's to ensure that the process nation building runs smoothly. He is also urging persons to give back to the communities that have nurtured them so that they could be what they are now.
    The day's activities climaxed with the children receiving educational supplies and toys the elderly received food items, the farmers will be receiving agricultural supplies.

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