No. 63 Monday, March 8, 2010
"Beg fi mi nuh," a tearful Thelma Barrett said to the investigating officer after Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris informed her that she would be sending her to prison for trying to smuggle ganja into Curacao.

    The 49 year-old resident of Second Street, Kingston pleaded guilty to possession, dealing and attempting to export ganja in the Montego Bay RM Court on Thursday,
March 4.
    She was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined $16,000 and could spend a further two months behind bars if the fine is not paid.
    Barrett told the court that she has five children to maintain and that she had no one to help her.
    The magistrate said that she was aware that we are living in difficult times but pointed out to Barrett that she did not have to resort to criminal activities.
    Reports are that on March 2, 2010, Barrett was on her way to board an Air Jamaica flight to Curacao from the Sangster International Airport when she was stopped at the boarding gate.
    She was searched and a package with 1 1/2 pounds of the weed was found inside her underwear.

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