[COURTHOUSE]:::Cop testifies in murder case

No. 64 Wednesday, March 10, 2010
The preliminary inquiry into the murder charge against 30 year-old Anthony Nesbeth of Melbourne, St. James accused of killing his lover resumed on Friday, March 5, with an . Inspector of Police testifying.

    Prosecutors charged the defendant with the murder of31 year-old Santana Nunes who was living with him at the time of her death.
    The cop testified that on June 6, 2008 about 7:30 p.m., he received a phone call from a trusted source who gave him certain in­formation and later met at a certain section of the Westgate Shopping Centre's parking lot.
    While there, he said, Nesbeth alighted from a motor car who was introduced to him by his source.
    Based on information received, he said he cautioned the accused.
    He said that Nesbeth then declared to him that he and Nunes were having problems and that she left the house on June 1 and did not return until three days later.
    The officer said Nesbeth also told him that on June 5 about 10 p.m., he was at home in bed when Nunes came in the bed and an argument developed between them.
    He went inside the living room and lie on the settee and she came there with a knife and cut him on his left shim and right wrist.
He then held on to the woman and squeezed her neck and she became lifeless and fell to the ground.
    Nesbeth, the officer further stated, said he then tried to call the police but could not get assistance and he left the room.
    In continuing his testimony, the officer said he called police control to verify if a report was made.
    He said he verified that the murder took place but did not verify if Nesbeth had called the police.
    He said he then escorted the accused to the Mount Salem Police Station where he was handed over to a Sergeant of Police.
    However, the prosecution is alleging that on the night in question, the couple was at home when an argument developed between them over a number that Nesbeth saw in the woman's cell phone.
    It is alleged that in the process, Nesbeth started beating the woman with a machete and in a bid to escape she ran into the washroom.
    The woman was later found dead inside the washroom.
    The police were summoned and Nesbeth admitted that he had squeezed her throat.
    He will remain behind bars until March 24 when the preliminary hearing will continue.

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