[Entertainment]:::'Knock Life' to empower youths

No. 64 Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Only few Jamaicans have a penchant for rapping, one such Jamaican is St. James' very own 'Knock Life', who plans on taking his message further by visiting high schools to lecture, educate and rap to students on the brand that is Jamaica.

    "When I say brand Jamaica, I mean that if a Jamaican business is making clothes or food and the revenue is staying in the country, then I am going to support it and that's what I want to instill in the minds of young Jamaicans."
    "I am here for the youths; if you are grown, you are on your own," the rapper said sarcastically.
    "Because someone says something negative to you, it doesn't mean you are to act violently towards him or her, its better to just walk away. Getting angry lowers your IQ level which will cause you to harm your fellow brother."
    Aside from the youths, Knock Life touched on topic of Jamaican women, who he said should stand up against certain injustice, such as the police who are killing their children and also against abusive men.
    "The police need to stop killing every youth they catch with a gun. Instead of killing, why not take them in for counseling. As for Jamaican men, we need to understand the importance of women and stop abusing them," he urged.
    Knock Life got his name after one of his cousins accidentally broke his Jay-Z cassette entitled Hard Knock Life and he got upset. Seeing how attached he was to the disk, his cousin began to refer to him as Hard Knock Life and soon after everyone started calling him by this name.
    His birth name is Sherwayne Morgan, born on October 1, 1977 at the Kingston Jubilee Hospital where soon after, he was taken to Water Lane, Vere in Clarendon. At age five., he left Jamaica for New York where he lived for many years in an area called Wave Crest on 20th Street.
    While in New York, he at­tended P.S.215 Basic, 1.S. 53 Junior High, .Beach Channel High.and Farrockaway High. He was an outstanding athlete participating in a number of sporting disciplines such as rugby, table tennis, pool, volleyball, baseball and even basketball, which he developed a love for and contemplated a career in. This, however, did not happen as his career path was swayed by rap music. He then set his sights on becoming a rap star. After spending many years overseas, he decided to head back to Jamaica in February2000.
    Despite the overwhelming popularity of dancehall music in Jamaica, Knock Life remained committed to rap. He has already collaborated with four dancehall artistes. The first was done by Danger One Production through the introduction of a deejay called Kashew Man on the single 'Peace for The Youths' done with Danger Chris; the second was 'Suffering' with Jah Moore; the third was 'Dreams' with Top Halling. The fourth, 'Joy' was accompanied with singer Gripwrench.
    Even though Knock Life has a strong liking for rap music, he appreciates local icons such as Bounty Killer and the Alliance team, Beres Hammond, Jah Cure and I -Octane.
    When he wants a break, he tries to enjoy a game of football or cricket. Apart from this, he spends a great deal of time partying.

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