Two dead in Salt Spring

No. 64 Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Two men were fatally shot by gunmen within the last two days in Salt Spring, St. James. They were, however, killed in separate incidents.

    Killed yesterday was, 25-year-old Darrell Simpson, known to most as 'Southie', of Supermarket, Salt Spring. He was shot and killed in Joshi Lane in the community.
    Just a day prior (Monday, March 8), 37-year-old Roy Smith, also known as 'Berry', of Lamey Lane, Salt Spring, was shot dead at Charley Clarke Lane in the district. Both communities are less than a mile apart.
    Alleged eyewitnesses told the Western Mirror that about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Simpson was chased and shot by unidentified men. "Darnell left his house minutes before the incident to deliver two Cashpot tickets to a friend and was chased by the' gunmen. When they caught up with him they fired one shot to the head. Darnell died on the spot. When he fell to the ground, they then took out his money and his phone and ran on off in the other direction," the witness said. Simpson's identification card and other personal items were seen scattered on the ground.
    On Monday, Roy Smith was gunned down at a local shop in Salt Spring.
    The Western Mirror learnt that. about 5 p.m. on Monday, Smith was seen talking and laughing with friends, when two men came up to them and 'fired at him.
    "While we were talking the men came up and said to Smith, 'Boy a you mi come fa! Smith replied by saying 'mi a good boy mi nuh do nothing!" the alleged witness said,
    The men grabbed Smith in the chest, hauling him out of the shop. They then pumped three shots into his body; leaving him to die. The gunmen fired discriminately behind them as. they made their escape.
    Reports from the Constabulary Communications Network are that about 5 p.m., Smith was among a group at a shop when two masked men armed with handguns approached. One of the men held him and during a struggle he was shot by the second man.
    According to the CCN, he died on the spot. The police were called and his body was removed to the morgue. Family members of both victims said that these men were good fellows in society, not trouble makers or violent persons.

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