No. 64 Wednesday, March 10, 2010
A Resident Magistrate has varied the bail bond in the case against 19 year-old Kennija Samuels of Upper King Street who is facing a murder charge.

    Samuels is jointly charged with 27 year-old Troy McKenzie for the murder of 24 year-old Balmore Fletcher, also of Upper King Street.
    The two were offered 'bail in the sum of $200,000 each in an earlier court appearance but Samuels has not been able to take up the offer.
    When the matter came before the Montego Bay RM Court last Wednesday, attorney-at­law, Stacy Young, who represents the accused
requested that the bond be reduced.
    Senior Resident Magistrate Mrs. V. Harris then reduced the bond to $150,000 with up to three sureties.
    The matter will again be mentioned on June 15.
    Reports are that on November 29, 2009 about U:45am, Fletcher was travelling in a motor car along King Street when he suddenly ran from the vehicle.
    A group of men who were travelling in a Toyota corolla motor car alighted from the vehicle and chased Fletcher on to Albion Road in a gully where they opened fire at him killing him.
    A shootout subsequently broke out between the men and the police and in the interim the men reportedly fled the scene leaving behind an AK47 and an M1 rifle.
    Investigations were subsequently carried out which led to the two men's arrest.

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