Wanted man caught!....Another 3 turned in; 1 surrenders

No. 64 Wednesday, March 10, 2010
The St. James and Westmoreland police are reaping some success in recent days as a result of the publication of both parishes' most wanted lists. Two of those listed and another, who the police were after, gave themselves up in less than two weeks in Westmoreland. In St. James, however, one was brought in by a minister of religion and the other caught all the way in Kingston.


    Since the police release identities of St. James most wanted last Wednesday, two are now in custody.
    Glenroy 'Bud' Thomas was brought in by a minister of religion from the Rose Heights community last Thursday, March 4, 2010. He was being sought by the police for the murder of Ramando Burke, an act committed on August 23, 2008.
    The other, Tieshane Anthony Shaw; also called 'Mango Head' was captured by the Kingston Police along Mountain View Avenue on March 8, 2010. Shaw; the police said was wanted for a November 12, 2008 quadruple murder.
           IN WESTMORELAND...
    Almost two weeks ago, the Western Mirror highlighted several men the police identified as persons with links to criminal activity in Westmoreland.
    Two such individuals, David 'Casha' Wilson and Robert Borlan otherwise known as 'Grab bat' both of Cooke Street who are maternal brothers. They were brought in by a pastor of a local church last Monday, while the third, Delbert Foster turned himself over to the police on Thursday also of last week.
    Wilson is the reputed leader of the Twelve Street Gang in Savanna-la-Mar and was wanted for shooting with intent, illegal possession of firearm and was believed to be very dangerous. Borlan was also wanted for shooting and illegal possession of firearm.
    Foster, who is better known as 'Popsie', made the police watch list for a November 22, 2009 murder in Cave district in that parish.
    "The police are stepping up the move against gangs and their members in this parish and wherever they are we will not relent until these men are brought to justice," Inspector Paul Simms, crime chief in Westmoreland told the Western Mirror.
    The police are also seeking the public's assistance in locating a man, who goes by the alias 'Lance' or 'Cacum', who they believe can assist them in a case of robbery. He is said to frequent the Birkshire, Leamington and Ashton communities.

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